Manuka Mountain Honey located in the heart of Northland New Zealand has an amazing story to tell.

We are a family owned and operated business that was founded by Paul Whitehead, Managing Director who began as a beekeeper over thirty years ago.

Ten years later with much developed experience in the industry, Paul established his own beekeeping operation after falling in love with the bees and their incredible honey.

Over the years considerable research has been performed into the health benefits of Manuka Honey and so the demand for our remarkable, internationally prized Manuka Honey has grown and so has the business.

In 2013, Manuka Mountain built a new revolutionary, automated extraction & processing plant along with a RMP storage facility, on their large site in Kerikeri Northland, located in one of the best Manuka growing regions of New Zealand.

This strategically positioned Manuka Mountain to carry out the vision of expanding the business and to provide more employment opportunities for the people in Northland. Paul’s own family also play an important role in the day-to-day running of the business along with Manuka Mountains’ dedicated team who pride themselves with excellence.

In 2014 Manuka Mountain Honey Ltd was incorporated to serve as the trading name for the wholesale distribution of honey both within New Zealand and globally.

Today, both the Apiary and distribution business continues to grow and we now operate thousands of beehives throughout Northland and over the years have extracted and purchased honey from many other beekeeping operations throughout New Zealand.

Our company goal is to establish Manuka Mountain as one of the country’s major producers and suppliers of high quality Manuka honey to the international market place.

Manuka Mountain Honey is seeking to create long term trading relationships with international food distribution companies and honey packers, who want a reliable supply of export quality, New Zealand Manuka honey of various grades.